Fredericksburg Park story time

Fredericksburg Park story time

Author Lindsay Bonilla will bring her presentation of interactive storytelling for all ages to Fredericksburg Park on July 22.


On Friday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m., the public is invited to Fredericksburg Park, which will host author Lindsay Bonilla and her presentation of interactive storytelling with audience participation for all ages.

In “The War Between the Whales and the Sandpipers from the Marshall Islands,” a silly argument between Whale and Sandpiper turns into an all-out battle between the birds and the sea creatures. As each side tries to prove itself more powerful than the other, they discover their silly feud has devastating consequences for everyone.

In this program Bonilla will get the whole audience involved through kinesthetic movement, sound effects and the use of costumes and props. Bring a lawn chair.

The free event is sponsored by the Fredericksburg Community Library.

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