Riedner art exhibit now open at WCH

Riedner art exhibit now open at WCH

“Fleeting Moments,” an exhibit of the art of Susan Riedner, is now open in the first-floor exhibition space of Wooster Community Hospital’s outpatient pavilion.


Susan Leah Riedner, a photographer of plants from Wooster, has an exhibit of her plant and garden photos at Wooster Community Hospital.

Titled “Fleeting Moments,” the exhibit opened June 8 in the first-floor exhibition space in the hospital’s outpatient pavilion.

“The beauties of nature are temporary, waxing and waning with the seasons, often appearing without our expecting them, perhaps even without our recognizing them. As the seasons pass, they are with us for but a short time, then are gone,” Riedner said. “We can so easily overlook them if we do not pause to catch a glimpse.

“Yet when we pause for a moment, so many of these ephemeral beauties become available to us, in our gardens, on the trees and grasses, in the puddles down the street after a rain, all so surprisingly near us. We may walk past these seemingly mundane little places, yet when we take even a short time, we may discover loveliness, beauty in the humble, within the tiny, in the modest. It is there that I often seek long moments to explore. Come walk with me through the seasons.”

The exhibit runs through Wednesday, Aug. 3.

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