A career waiting to happen: Mast offers free truck driving training program

A career waiting to happen: Mast offers free truck driving training program
Randy McKee

Mast Trucking is rolling out its new truck driver CDL training program and offering free training to qualified individuals interested in a career as a truck driver. Unlike driver training schools that charge high tuition to prepare students for their CDL exams, Mast Trucking is looking to train long-term professionals who will proudly represent its own long-standing family business.


Truck drivers are vital to America’s economy,” said Kevin Mast, owner of Mast Trucking in Millersburg. “Almost everything in our homes, businesses and on the shelves of stores, somewhere along the line, is delivered by a truck. And the drivers are the people who make it happen.”

Mast Trucking takes pride in developing skilled drivers who are trustworthy, respectful, committed and teachable. “We don’t sugarcoat the fact that truck driving isn’t easy,” Mast said. “It’s demanding and not often appreciated by the public like it should be. Truck drivers, however, are crucial in our economy. And driving can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career with solid job security.”

The trucking industry is expected to see a shortage of around 300,000 drivers over the next five years. This presents a huge opportunity for new drivers. However, it can be extremely difficult to get a successful start in the trucking industry.

Mast Trucking is dedicated to helping new drivers get started, and has created a training program that provides them with the skills they need to be successful.

The Mast Trucking Commercial Driver’s License Training Program is a no strings attached, no cost program. “It’s a great opportunity for beginning drivers,” Mast said. “Most CDL schools typically charge around $5,000.” Training programs offered by other trucking companies often require a commitment that does have some strings attached.

“Through our own training program, our motivation is to educate the best drivers about what it takes to be successful by teaching the best practices from the beginning, and helping people get started on a solid career driving for us,” Mast said. “And we don’t charge for it. In fact, we pay our trainees.”

Here’s how it works.

After being accepted into Mast’s free training program, candidates will become employees of Mast Trucking. The program will start with four weeks of classroom instruction, onsite and on-road driving. Upon passing that part of the program, and the Class A CDL exam, they move on to Mast 2.0, another four weeks of over-the-road training with an experienced Mast driver.

New drivers earn a wage during training, then receive a per-mile rate until they reach 100,000 miles of driving, which typically takes about a year. Upon reaching that milestone, drivers are able to choose a program that best fits their specific personal needs and expectations.

The program equips beginner drivers with the skills and foundation they need to be successful, professional drivers.

Drivers are able to grow to become owner operators, or perhaps even start their own businesses. Mast Trucking has a history of working with professional drivers to choose a solution that works best for each individual.

Mast Trucking, headquartered in Millersburg, was started in 1969 as a livestock hauling service. Over the years, the company transitioned into hauling refrigerated freight mostly consisting of meat, milk, cheese and eggs. Primarily, Mast Trucking serves the eastern United States with a concentration on the East Coast and southeast regions.

Mast Trucking has continued to grow with the trucking industry and embrace technology as a tool to help make drivers’ lives easier. Mast strives to stay current with the trucking industry updates in order to serve drivers well.

Electronic logbooks are now mandatory and have helped decrease unrealistic expectations for drivers. Mast trucks also have event recorders installed to help exonerate drivers who are falsely accused of improper safety behavior. The equipment improvements include a transition to automated manual transmissions and many cab comfort features.

Truck driving isn’t easy. But finding the right fit can absolutely lead to a fulfilling and successful career.

Call or visit Mast Trucking today to learn more and apply for the Mast Trucking Free CDL Training Program.

All applicants for Mast Trucking’s free CDL training program must be 21 years old. No experience is necessary. Candidates must pass pre-employment hair and urine drug screens and a criminal background check. Candidates must also meet safety requirements. To schedule an interview, call 330-674-8913 or apply in person or online at masttruckinginc.com. Mast Trucking is located at 6471 County Road 625 in Millersburg.

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