An appreciation of plastic surgery

An appreciation of plastic surgery

Dr. James Slaby of Wooster Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery used his skillful hands to help heal both the physical and emotional scars of Alex Davis, who experienced a traumatic automobile accident which left her with scars on her neck and arm as well as constant pain behind her ears. Today, Davis says 90 percent of the pain behind her ears is gone.


Some events stay with you for life—like the traumatic automobile accident that Alex Davis experienced over 40 years ago. The ordeal caused both physical and mental trauma. After the accident, she had nightmares, flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms. Davis’s physical injuries included a lacerated neck, a broken arm and pelvis, a kidney contusion and respiratory arrest.

Recovering after the accident, Davis was able to keep up with her busy life. She was a wife and mother, focused on raising four kids. She also worked to further her education and career as an RN, eventually moving up to Director of Home Health and the Community Care Network at Wooster Community Hospital.

But Davis continued to carry her wounds for decades. She was self-conscious whenever someone asked about the scars on her neck and arm. She felt constant pain behind her ears that made her unable to sleep on her left side. Finally, she decided that enough was enough.

By May 2019, Davis knew she could trust WCH plastic surgeon, Dr. James Slaby, of Wooster Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with the scars on her neck and head. Dr. Slaby did not disappoint. His skillful hands worked their magic, helping to heal both the physical and emotional scars. Today, Davis said, “90 percent of the pain behind my ears is gone. I can sleep on both sides with no shooting pain.”

The outcome has allowed her to face life with newfound confidence. “I used to be very self-conscious of my scars,” she said. Now, the scar on her neck is healing nicely and fading every day, and is barely noticeable.

Davis cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Slaby and WCH. “Dr. Slaby’s skill set is excellent,” she said. “He always makes you feel special, like you are his only patient. He is the only plastic surgeon I would ever let perform surgery on me.”

“When most people think of plastic surgery, they think of enhancing their appearance in a positive way,” said Dr. Slaby. “While that is certainly part of it, these surgeries often bring about a reduction in physical pain, as well. This was certainly the case with Alex.”

In addition to treating cosmetic issues, plastic surgeons perform “reconstructive surgeries as well, for patients who have sustained defects from traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities and post-cancer resection deformities,” said Dr. Slaby.

Davis is glad she entrusted herself to Dr. Slaby and readily admits she had a positive experience with WCH in general. “All the nurses were so caring and helpful,” she said. Alex has worked at various medical establishments over the years and refers to Wooster Community Hospital as a “hidden gem.”

“You just receive a level of care here that you don’t at other facilities,” she said. She wants others to know that they don’t have to live with the emotional and physical discomfort of scars, either. “Go see Dr. Slaby and see what he can do to help you.”

Wooster Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is located at 128 E. Milltown Road, Suite 201, Wooster. To learn more visit or call 330-202-3350. Financing and self-pay packages are available.

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