New ProVia solar array among largest in state

New ProVia solar array among largest in state

ProVia’s new solar array is among the largest privately-held installations in Ohio.


ProVia’s new 1.792 MW solar array at their Cherry Ridge manufacturing facility is now fully online and operational. Comprised of 4,480 solar panels, this system is among the largest privately-owned solar installations in Ohio and is projected to reduce electrical power consumption at this facility by 60% annually.

The solar panels are installed on the rooftop and provide a clean and quiet source of power generation. ProVia partnered with Paradise Energy Solutions to construct the system.

ProVia’s Cherry Ridge Solar Array is comprised of 4,480 solar panels and provides 1.792 MW of power, enough to run approximately 240 average-size residential homes. It reduces electrical power consumption at this facility by 60% annually

By using solar for energy production instead of fossil fuels, it prevents emission of 1,472 tons of CO2 annually. It would take 34,268 mature trees to offset 1,472 tons of CO2 on an annual basis.

ProVia also has solar installations at their Baltic, Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek facilities, but Cherry Ridge is much larger, and will generate 6.5 times the production of the other three combined.

“As we investigated this project, we determined that we could successfully balance a socially responsible choice with economic feasibility, which made solar an excellent solution,” said Larry Troyer, chief financial officer for ProVia. “This is a long-term investment that’s good for our company and good for the environment.”

According to Sheldon Stutzman, solar consultant with Paradise Energy Solutions, “We’ve always had great respect for ProVia, so it was an honor to partner with them on this project. ProVia continues to lead the way in manufacturing with highly-skilled people who bring innovative solutions to market. It’s very satisfying to be a part of that story.”

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