American flags mark a return from the pandemic shutdown

American flags mark a return from the pandemic shutdown

The Rotary Club of New Philadelphia is joining with Mayor Joel Day and relaunching the club’s Salute Freedom Project.


Recently Gov. DeWine announced a plan to allow the gradual lifting of the coronavirus quarantine restrictions in Ohio. To mark the occasion, members of the Rotary Club of New Philadelphia are joining with Mayor Joel Day and relaunching the club’s Salute Freedom Project. This annual celebration of American freedom will begin with the placement of dozens of American flags on light poles in the downtown area and along North Broadway at Tuscora Park.

“This is a great moment for our club and our community,” said JJ Boroski, president of the Rotary Club. “Putting the flags up again is a way to signal the start of our return to a more normal way of life and reminds us to value the freedoms we all cherish.”

Helping to launch the project is Day, a member of the Rotary Club of New Philadelphia. “The governor credits Ohioans for helping to flatten the curve and has prepared us for the first steps back to normal,” Day said. “The Rotary’s Salute Freedom Project is a great way to show we’re ready to get our community, our state and our country up and running again, one step at a time.”

This will be the ninth year the Rotary Club will conduct the Salute Freedom Project, placing an American flag on a 10-foot metal pole in front of homes and businesses in New Philadelphia. Flags are put up prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend and remain up through Veterans Day in November. The cost to have the club place a flag is $30 this year.

Restrictions imposed in March and April in response to the coronavirus pandemic delayed the regular startup of the project. With only a few weeks until the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the club’s members will go ahead and place a flag at the homes and businesses of all those who subscribed to the project last year. A form will be left at the door with a request for payment of the $30 subscription fee and contact information to have the flag removed if it’s not desired this year.

New subscribers are invited to join in the Salute Freedom Project by ordering a flag to be installed at their home or business. Forms are available from the club’s website at or by emailing the club at or visiting the club’s Facebook page.

Proceeds from the Salute Freedom Project are used to purchase high-quality American flags from the Annin Flag Company in Coshocton and hardware from local retailers. Any profits are used to help fund Rotary’s community service projects.

For questions call Salute Freedom Project co-chairs Mark Garrison at 330-339-1773 or Tom Police at 330-204-6093.

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