Holmes County 4-H clubs hold meetings

Holmes County 4-H clubs hold meetings

The Holmes County 4-H Shooting Sports Club met recently at the Eastern Holmes Sportsman Club. The U.S. Flag Pledge was led by Zander Croskey, the 4-H Flag Pledge was led by Camden Tennant, and the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were given by Jimmy Britt.

The club discussed community service projects, then held an election of officers, with the following 4-H members elected: President Kassidy Brumme, Vice President Cheyanne Croskey, secretary Braxton Touby, treasurer Zander Croskey, assistant treasurer Lucas Bailey, news reporter Camden Tennant, safety leader Jimmy Britt, assistant safety leader Lucas Bailey, health leader Maggie Plant, assistant health leader Lucas Bailey and recreation leaders were all club members.

The next meeting will be held Saturday, May 18 at Eastern Holmes Sportsman Club from noon to 2 p.m.

April meeting refreshments were furnished by Patricia Lang and Jimmy Britt. May meeting refreshments will be furnished by Zander Croskey.

Projects that are offered in the Shooting Sports Program are basic archery, safe use of guns, pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, archery, shotgun shell reloading, crossbow, living history, hunting and wildlife, trapping, fishing, Western heritage and more.

For more information on the Holmes County 4-H Shooting Sports Program, call Ohio State University Extension at 330-674-3015 or reach Patricia Ann Lang, 6356 County Road 51, Big Prairie, OH 44611, at 330-275-7578 or patricia.lang1950@gmail.com.

Lakeville Lakers

On April 21 the Lakeville Lakers 4-H Club with 26 members in attendance plus family did a cleanup after the hog show at the Harvest Ridge Fairgrounds. The club cleaned up trash from the grounds and tore down hog pens.

Following the cleanup, the club had its monthly meeting and played a game of kickball as the activity. The club will have several community service activities in the near future to give members several opportunities to serve the community.

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