Many factors make a successful hunt

Many factors make a successful hunt

Alright you guys — Yeah, I saw the pics — opening day buck, what? You know when they say “have you got your buck tied up?” that it’s just a phrase, right?

Just kidding. Good job. It means your trail cams and scouting have worked to perfection, or you’re just plain lucky.

Actually I’ve taken a buck twice on opening day and several does: one six point when I was just starting and a nice nine point. I mean you’ve waited all year for this, so why not? Well, I’ve waited 11 long years for our hunt in Wyoming (one bonus point).

Call it excited, jumpy, Christmas, whatever, but it’s here. Years of planning, waiting, phone calls, reading, did I say waiting? My co-workers are ready to throw me under a bus hearing about it. I call it customer relations. Tell me about your hunt, and I’ll tell you about mine. Then buy some tires so I can pay for my hunt.

All kidding aside, there are many factors that make a successful hunt, some of which you have control over, and some you do not. Of course one of the biggest factors is the weather.

In many cases this factor alone has ruined many a hunt: wind, rain, snow (sometimes good, sometimes bad), heat and cold. As we get older, we tend to stay in bed on those really cold mornings.

“It’s raining, so I’ll just stay home this afternoon” (even if you have a hunting condo).

Study the animal’s patterns in different weather conditions and make it work for you.

Another factor is your gear. You know all those advertisements you get in the mail? Well, you don’t need all that stuff, but check ‘em out. There’s a lot of new hunting gear out there to make it fun.

Anybody bought one of the new air bows yet? I’d like to know. Nothing is more disappointing than having your gear fail you at that critical moment.

I recently watched one of the celebs on TV whose firing pin failed due to moisture and rust. Sometimes these gear failures can be avoided, sometimes not.

As we get older, life itself becomes a factor: busy schedules, kids (grandchildren) and marriages. (We interrupt this marriage to bring you the hunting season.)

Do what I do. My wife is a great hunting buddy as long as my trophies are bigger than hers. I took the kids to the woods before cellphones. I plan to take the grandkids when they get older, also without cellphones.

Health problems become a factor as to when we can hunt, if at all. I’ve seen tremendous strides in places for special-needs hunts or handicapped hunts. Wounded Warrior hunts are a big thing with a lot of outfitters. You served your country, made a sacrifice for our safety. They want to say thank you in a special way.

Anyway, we’re on our way to Wyoming. With a little luck and a special blessing from the good Lord, we’ll have some good stories to share. Please pray for our safety and good weather.

I heard a pastor recently telling about those traffic reports in the morning that come from a reporter in a new helicopter. Their viewpoint can see what we cannot. Their report can save us a lot of aggravation and time. He shared that our good God is like that. He can see what we cannot. His word can save us from a lot of aggravation and time. All we need to do is tune in to his presence.

God bless.

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