Never be afraid to take a stand

Never be afraid to take a stand

“You have to stand for something, or you fall for anything.” —Aaron Tipton.

The Bible is a book that millions of people, including myself, live every day. I stand for and I stand on the word of God.

Around here the Bible is held in great respect. A lot of us live our life by it, and even a lot of the people who don’t still respect what it has to say: don’t steal, don’t cheat, watch what comes out of one’s mouth and more. Most people were taught those values growing up, even if they weren’t raised in a Christian home.

I’ve had a few encounters where I said something about the Bible and the other person became very angry at me just for bringing up the Bible. In fact some people acted like I was trying to kill them.

We can go to bigger areas such as New York, L.A., or a very liberal college or university and be called dumb for standing on the word of God. Not everyone wants to hear there is one way to heaven or that everyone is a sinner in need of God to forgive their sin. It offends people if we tell them being a good person isn’t good enough. Yet we all need to stand for something. I can just imagine some people will quit reading this or skip over some of the parts about God completely.

My point is we need to take a stand, even if our stand is very unpopular. Remember history was not made by people who went with the in-thing at the time, but people who stood up for what is right. Nobody remembers who told Rosa Parks to move, but when Rosa Parks died, she laid in state as a national hero.

Parks saw injustice all over in her world and decided to not step back but to do something about it. She went on to be a speaker for civil rights. Just like her, we need to take a stand when we see injustice taking place.

When I was a teenager, I was in a summer work program. Every Monday we had class, and the rest of the week we worked at a job. One day in class some of the students didn’t know what to do with themselves, I guess. So they started to throw paper balls at my head. They must have been bored with the class — to tell you the truth, I was too — but that didn’t give them the right to use my head as a target. Then out of nowhere I heard a girl yell “stop it,” and in front of the whole class she stood up for me. She was my hero that day.

We can just tell people to stop it if we don’t like something or we don’t believe in something. When we hear a statement or see something we don’t agree with, we can stand up for ourselves, and that can lead to a conversation about how we feel. We might not be like Rosa Parks, but every little victory counts.

We see taking a stand as something big, but even the little things can be a big stand for us. Just say no, set boundaries with people or just keep from getting mad but choose to forgive people when they do us wrong. There is no magic power when it comes to taking a stand. It is something we just have to do with God’s help, and the more we do that, when the time calls for it, the more assured we will be.

I also want to say thank you to all the men and women who fight for and have died for this country. We need to stand for them too.

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