What in the world are you thinking?

What in the world are you thinking?

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. —Proverbs 4:23.

What we think, our life moves toward. Better yet, how we think in terms of positive or negative, we will see more of. This happens because we are already focused on what we are thinking about.

If I would say, “Whatever you do, don’t think about a car,” then say the word “drive,” you would think about driving a car. I planted the idea of thinking about a car in your head. Most people have heard of the law of attraction — in that state, what we think about, we attract. I actually disagree with that. We will not attract some things just by thinking about them. However, a book was written about the subject that took the world by storm.

Look, it’s really easy — what we think about, we see more of. Positive and negative are always going to be around us. Positive or negative, what we think about is what we are going to see more of.

We all get tunnel vision from time to time. My tunnel vision is so terrible I drive my supervisor nuts. I will be looking for one thing at work, and then my supervisor will ask me to get something else.

I will ask, “Where is it?”

“Right in front of your face,” she will say, and sometimes I still won’t see it.

Goodness and positivity are right in front of our faces, but too few of us pay attention to them. Look at the Bible for a minute. I heard a non-Christian say the Bible talks about sin too much, and sin is negative. However, we see thousands upon thousands of blessings and promises in the Bible as well.

On the extreme, positive people want to just focus on the blessings and don’t want to bring up sin at all, and then people get mad at God when he doesn’t give them what they want. However, God is holy and just, so he can’t stand sin. If we look at life how God sees it, then we will see the whole picture.

People fail to see the whole picture. Just look at the government, which depending on our views, we might view as good or bad. It is all in how we look at things. Dave Martin once said, “We can either wake up saying good Lord it’s morning or good morning Lord.”

I wake up at six when I work. I don’t want to work some days, but I am grateful I have a job. We all have things in our lives that have to be done that we wish we didn’t have to do. I know people who always say, “It could be better,” every time I ask them how they are doing. I reply, “It could be worse.”

What is going on in our minds on a daily basis? Are our minds a dumping ground for all the negative trash the world has to offer, or are we overlooking a big valley with rolling hills everywhere? The choice is totally up to us. We can look at the world and be influenced by it, or we can influence the world around us. When we hear people talking negative, we can choose to say something positive instead. It is so easy to do what everyone else is doing, but history doesn’t remember the people who just went along with everything.

Television is one of the biggest influences on people. It’s where we get the news, weather and entertainment. Presidential candidates try to get celebrities to endorse them because of the influence they have over people. If we don’t realize we are being influenced, we are right where they want us. I still watch television; in fact, I am probably going to do that when I am done here. My wife and I like game shows and family movies because they are filled with goodness and light.

I try to read before bed; it helps to make me sleepy. I read nonfiction books to help me grow as a person. I don’t read about murder, robbery or anything along those lines. At night I like to keep my mind full of the positive. I don’t need to give myself nightmares. People have trouble sleeping because they are on their phone or watching television right before bed. Our minds need time to unwind before bed.

So put down the phone, turn off the television and grab a good book. Our minds and our attitudes will love us for it.

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