At least our dogs can tell time

At least our dogs can tell time

When we leave home on a trip, we must board our dogs.

When we had cats, they were perfectly fine on their own, alone and at home — as long as they had lots of food and water. Our neighbor at the time was kind enough to check on our felines, making sure our kitties had plenty of both. We did have to deal with the litter box when we returned, but that was something we never dared ask our neighbor to handle. Fortunately, our cats always went where they were supposed to and we never came home to find stinky cat business on the rugs.

Our dogs are being boarded when we are away to prevent just such messes. Years ago when we were away for over five hours, we could count on coming home to some doggy “treats,” usually on our best floor coverings. That was when we decided our dogs were fine alone at home, but for only four hours, not a minute longer.

Our dogs were properly potty trained, and there were no accidents as long as we returned within that four-hour limit. I had no idea our canines could tell time, but perhaps their bladders can. We tried to train them to use a litter box, but that effort was a complete failure.

We did invest in a machine-washable rug. It is a terrific purchase — not too expensive and it discards all stains when washed. We would like to replace all our older rugs with the washable ones, but because we have a lot of oldies, replacing every one of them would kill our budget. Should we win the lottery, rug replacing will be our first priority.

Taller Half is all in favor of replacing our older rugs because it’s his job to clean up the dog business. He’s a terrific cleaner, but the older he gets, the less tolerance he has for that recurring chore. And because our dogs are getting older, they have more frequent indiscretions.

He keeps reminding me to win the lottery. I must remember to buy the tickets. I keep forgetting that part of hitting the jackpot.

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