At least these days we don’t have to go outdoors

At least these days we don’t have to go outdoors

Many years ago, most older houses, those at least 80 years old, were fitted with only one bathroom. That was a vast improvement, considering up until then outhouses were the norm. Few places had, when our dad was growing up, inside bathrooms.

One of the houses we lived in was a big, old Craftsman-style two-story place. Despite having four bedrooms, it could boast only one bathroom. In the basement there was a commode set up next to the laundry room and a shower box next to the commode, but as far as we knew, neither one of them functioned. Having two baths in our house was an unknown luxury.

Our next house proudly boasted two full baths, and we were all impressed. Needless to say, our parents shared one of those bathrooms, and we kids, all five of us, shared the second. We were, of course, expected to keep our bathroom clean. Unfortunately, our idea of clean did not measure up to our mother’s standards. We kids took turns cleaning that room and rarely did our efforts pass our mother’s inspection. Having that second bathroom became a real challenge.

As young marrieds, Taller Half and I bought our first house. It was a small place with one very small bathroom, but it functioned just fine.

As our family grew, we needed more space and soon bought our second house. The new place had two bathrooms. We were thrilled. I was the official bathroom cleaner and took on that job thankfully.

When our children reached an appropriate age, we expected them to assume the task of keeping their bathroom clean. Guess what? Their cleaning attempts never passed my inspections. I could resume that responsibility or keep their bathroom door shut. That door stayed shut until they were grown and left home.

Once the children were gone, Taller Half and I each had our own bathroom. I keep mine spic and span to this day; Taller Half keeps his door shut.

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