At these prices, enjoy that juicy steak

At these prices, enjoy that juicy steak

Lately, going to the grocery store is an exercise in disbelief. Prices on everything have gone up, and they seem to increase every week.

Dog food prices have increased, especially the food our dogs prefer. Last week Taller Half said he would enjoy a steak. I just laughed. When last I looked at some beef, I could not believe what I was seeing — I saw one beef roast priced at over $50. I assured Taller Half he would choke on any meat costing that much.

What has been a pleasant surprise is the falling price of gas. I hope saying that doesn’t jinx those downward prices — we can’t be too careful about what we say or write these inflationary days. I remember many years ago when we could fill up the gas tank of our old VW for less than $5. And I could leave the grocery store with several bags of food that only cost $10-$12. Afraid those days are gone forever. Actually, those days disappeared many years ago.

Admittedly, I am by nature rather frugal. A couple of our children have even accused me of being cheap. That is unfair. Hunting for bargains is a good and responsible way to shop. Unlike his wise wife, Taller Half is less inclined to waste his shopping time looking for bargains. He is getting better at pricing things, but he doesn’t yet get to shop alone.

Back to our dogs. Both of them have decided they no longer prefer their current food. We believe they prefer people food. So to address their preferences, I have decided to make their food with a dog-friendly recipe a daughter has given me. It actually is less expensive to make because I can add any leftovers we may have from our meals.

So far the dogs love their homemade diet. Despite what folks make think, I am making their food because they like it, not because it’s cheaper, though that is a nice perk.

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