Causing those pests to fly away

Causing those pests to fly away

Our front door has become a magnet for those flying, stinging insects. We can’t open that door without having to fight off those flying aggravators and dog terrifiers.

Yes, our oldest dog has been terrified and bullied by those fast-flying flies that have invaded our place. They seem to get a real thrill by dive bombing our poor pet. He tried hiding in our closet, but the flies found him. In desperation he managed to get his front half under our bed. So far that seems to be working. The flies don’t seem interested in his back half, oddly enough.

Our little dog spends a lot of her time trying to catch those flies. So far her efforts have proved fruitless, but she is persistent. We are a bit concerned she might actually catch a hornet or wasp and get viciously stung. That may be the only way she will learn, but it sure will be painful.

I decided to use insect spray all around our front door. It thankfully worked until the rain arrived. The heavy rain cleared the air, and the bugs were back. So we chose the obvious option and used our back door.

Finally, I discovered why those stingy bugs love to swarm around our front door. My Taller Half had been parking our roll-out garbage can right beside our front stoop. Evidently, the bugs’ sense of smell picked up those alluring odors emanating from our garbage, and they flew around hoping for a chance to invade that fascinatingly great-smelling space.

Taller Half was called into action and asked to move that odoriferous, bug-loved garbage can far away from the front stoop. He did, and the stinging insect problem was solved — simple, safe and effective. Wish all our problems were so easily handled.

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