Ceiling fans a blessing (but dust first)

Ceiling fans a blessing (but dust first)

Our house is blessed with ceiling fans. They provide a gentle breeze to cool off our rooms during the warmest summer weather. Their efforts make our place much more comfortable when temperatures rise. However, they do collect dust, which they hide very cleverly on the top of their blades. Because that dust is well-hidden, our normal dusting efforts usually bypass the fans — until that oversight resulted in a most embarrassing incident.

We were enjoying a lovely visit with friends and family when the room got a bit too warm. My Taller Half flipped the switch for the ceiling fan and was stunned with the results. The blades began to swirl, and suddenly the room was engulfed in a thick fog of flying dust. We had no idea at first what was flying around us. Thankfully, we were able to escape that storm by running outside. There we all stood, covered in gray dust.

My Taller Half was the first to laugh, and soon we all joined in. Better to laugh at our situation than to cry. But truly, I wanted to cry. Who would ever want to come to our place for a visit again? Our house was mortally embarrassed and would never enjoy entertaining friends and family again.

After our guests escaped, we began the cleanup. The mess was enormous, covering the entire living room, hall and even the dining room. The vacuum cleaner was used to its maximum, so were dust cloths and dust mops. The ceiling needed lots of attention, as did the walls. The furniture gave up its dust reluctantly, as did our inside plants. We exhausted ourselves and didn’t finish the job until the next day. Our house expected no less from us and didn’t relax until every speck of dust was gone.

The moral of this adventure is ceiling fans must have their dust removed. If not, they will choose a time and place to relieve themselves of that burden. This is a true event, perhaps a bit exaggerated, but we hope it encourages our readers to never forget to dust your ceiling fans often.

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