Celebrating the first mow of the season

Celebrating the first mow of the season

Yesterday was the first mowing of the lawn this year. And with the rain and sun we have enjoyed for the past week, our grass looks thick and lush. Our house is so pleased with her lawn. Now if we can just keep it that way. I have already had to put down grub killer. Those creatures are tough and determined, but they seemed to have succumbed to my latest effort to annihilate them, at least for now.

There are leaves on the rose bush and the rose of Sharon. Plus, the day lilies are sending up their shoots with alacrity. This has been a great spring so far. Let’s just hope Mother Nature stays happy.

Our house is expecting her usual springtime cleaning, both inside and out. Her shutters are a bit dull, her gutters are a bit clogged and her front walk would profit from a good hose wash. All those needs are awaiting attention by my Taller Half. He plans to get to those chores any day now.

It is a little early to move the inside wintering plants out, but they are ready to go. Our house is very fond of each plant but wants to say “see you later” to all of them 'til next fall. One plant, a rather big hibiscus, is producing lovely blossoms every day. She really needs to move outside where she can spread her branches.

Hidden behind our shed, also known as the baby house, is our small but growing compost pile. We are rather limited in what goes on that pile, not wanting to attract our local wildlife. We did discover a small crawl space leading under the shed. My Taller Half suspects one of our feral neighborhood cats has moved in. Unknown to my Taller Half, I now include a bit of cat food with the compost, just in case that poor creature is hungry.

Despite the arrival of the creepy crawlies, the winged creepy flyers and the insistent weeds, we and our house are thrilled to welcome the arrival of spring. Our abode is particularly happy because her windows can now be opened, filling her rooms with wave after wave of fresh spring air. She had better enjoy it while she can. Taller Half closes all windows and turns on the air-conditioning at the first hint of summer's arrival.

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