Cinnamon rolls equal no leaks

Cinnamon rolls equal no leaks

Houses enjoy occupants who like to cook and are good at it. They love good smells.

Unfortunately, this house has a kitchen problem. Her occupant isn’t a particularly enthusiastic cook, and sometimes the smells her cooking produces are curious. Like the other day when roasting beef ribs, the oven overcooked them and we ended up with beef jerky. They smelled great, though they were a bit tough. Taller Half has learned to eat almost anything and does. He happily devoured all that overcooked beef. Unfortunately, our poor house had to live with the overcooking smells for days.

Sometimes my kitchen efforts are successful and our house enjoys happy smells. A pan of chocolate brownies baking in the oven smells great. Our house loves the smell of anything chocolate baking. However, burned chocolate brownies don’t smell terrific, and a house will get depressed. Houses tend to develop leaks when depressed. That is called “house tears.”

All ovens require fairly regular cleaning. It’s a difficult job and one I try to avoid. If an oven gets too dirty, she produces anywhere from unpleasant to absolutely awful odors.

Most of our former stoves enjoyed self-cleaning options. Our current one does not. As a result of needing my assistance, the oven is cleaned only when it’s an absolute must. That means the smells it admits aren’t pleasant. Last cleaning took a good two hours. It was not a fun job, but our house was so grateful. I even baked a pan of cinnamon rolls to fill our house with delicious smells. The result was a house that stayed happy for days — no leaks!

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