Cold floors make for very cold feet

Cold floors make for very cold feet

I would count the days until we can afford radiant heating in all our floors but doubt I can count that high. When your floors are cold, so are your feet. Even a nice rug on top of the carpet in our bedroom helps only a little when winter wraps his cold arms around our new place.

Our poor dogs must live with four feet on those cold floors, but they absolute refuse to wear boots. I even found dog socks on the internet, but our beasties aren’t having any. We put them on their little, cold feet, and they immediately plopped down and pulled them off. I could almost swear our house was laughing at us.

We often visited family members who had radiant heating in their bathrooms and their sunroom. We could step out of their shower onto a warm floor. It was absolutely lovely.

We were so sad when they sold that house and bought another one without the heated floors. We didn’t visit as often after that, at least in the cold months.

Our new place would love to add radiant heating to her floors. But because that upgrade is beyond our present abilities and pocketbook, we must disappoint her. However, we are contemplating adding a front porch, hoping that will assuage our house’s disappointment at not getting radiant floor heating. If that doesn’t mollify her, we are in for an expensive winter.

Our new place does have floor vents that blow warm air into the rooms. Our dogs love those vents. After a romp outside in the cold, they will lie in front of those vents and almost grin.

I will admit I have been known to place my cold feet in front of those same vents and luxuriate in the warmth with a contented grin on my face.

My Taller Half laughs at me and the dogs, but we don’t care one bit. Our feet are warm.

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