Giving plants a safe winter haven

Giving plants a safe winter haven

The time of year has arrived when indoor plants that are currently living outdoors need to come indoors for the winter. This is not an easy transition for house or plants. Occupants either. There have to be enough windows in a house to provide the proper natural light for those incoming plants. And a house has only so many windows plus indoor plants that might resent having to share the light.

My Taller Half does not have a gardening gene anywhere in his body and filling his house with more plants isn’t a chore he relishes. I will admit it does get a bit overwhelming when our house has its usual end-of-summer invasion but winter is a coldblooded killer for sensitive non-native flora. We are duty bound to give these poor plants a safe winter haven.

My mother would do the same thing every Fall and my father would complain. His opinion was that our house was already full enough with children and pets, plants were invaders! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Mom and our house were adamant — the plants came in.

Since plants are non-verbal, they have no say in the matter of where they spend the cold months. But they will often express just how grateful they are for a safe winter home by growing taller and a few may even bloom. However, be aware that there are bugs out there who will attempt to invade your houses via your plants. Spiders especially are anxious to spend the winters in a warm house and they are very adept at hiding. A good bug spray used liberally on incoming plants is advised to prevent a nasty bug infestation. Happy plant moving day!

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