Holiday home a happy home

Holiday home a happy home

Every year our house gets excited when the fall holidays approach. She loves Halloween when children appear at her front door all decked out in costumes. She gets so happy when Thanksgiving approaches with the anticipation of company filling her rooms. Christmas is her ultimate holiday, with all its decorations, baking, gift wrapping, plus the joy of family and friends gathering around her Christmas tree.

This year has been very different. No dressed-up children knocked at her front door for Halloween, no company arrived to eat turkey and pumpkin pie, and this Christmas does not hold out much hope for a family celebration. Poor house is very confused and getting very unhappy. Keep in mind an unhappy house is an expensive place to live.

So we have pledged to make this Christmas holiday as normal as possible. We will decorate this place with a tree, wreaths, ribbons, bows, lights and candles. She will be a festive masterpiece.

We will bake cookies to fill the rooms with lovely smells and load up packages under the tree. Our dogs will wear their holiday sweaters, as will we. It will be a phenomenal Christmas, but first, we must learn to Zoom. That is how we will spend time with family this holiday.

My Taller Half is not at all fond of electronics, and he isn’t thrilled with the prospect of Zooming our family. It will be a lesson in patience to get him ready. And I am not sure just how our abode will handle a Zooming Christmas. House and husband have always approached change with great caution, and this holiday will be a huge change from former Christmases.

Our house will be happy with all her decorations, and Taller Half will find comfort in a full holiday menu. We will manage this holiday, learn to Zoom and give thanks we have all survived this extremely strange year. To all our beautiful houses and their lovely occupants, have a wonderful holiday.

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