Houses need breathing room

Houses need breathing room

Moving is a rediscovery activity. We find things we forgot we had or had need of for years and lose things we need for everyday living. For instance, I rediscovered some lovely linen we haven’t used in several years, but I can’t find my can opener. 

This new place is limited in space for extraneous “stuff” that we don’t need for day-to-day living. A storage unit has taken stacks of boxes that must eventually be gone through and their contents evaluated as to value, need and/or want. That can’t happen until after all the boxes in our new place are evaluated as to stay or go. Decisions, decisions!

My Taller Half has decided that all the newspaper clippings he has saved for the past many years may not be all that valuable and can be scrapped. As for me, what does one do with wedding china that can’t be put in a dishwasher or microwave? Our children have no room for our “stuff.” Their houses are full of their own “stuff.” Thank heavens for Goodwill.

Piles of fabric that I had totally forgotten about have appeared in a just-opened box. I had great plans for some of that cloth but just can’t seem to remember what those plans were. Thankfully some friends have expressed an interest in at least taking a look at what I have unpacked.

Then we get down to little keepsakes from trips abroad, cruises, family vacations and special occasions. They are all important, but there are so many of them. Perhaps we should just keep the pictures and let the other things go, as incredibly difficult as that is. 

What it really comes down to is having space to actually live in a house. A place filled with boxes will not be a happy house. Houses need breathing room to function properly and so do its occupants. So out with all the things we don’t need! With perhaps just one or two exceptions.

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