I am stockpiling those odd-sized filters

I am stockpiling those odd-sized filters

Last week my Taller Half and I weren’t feeling great, nothing serious, just icky. Our house seemed droopy, as did our dogs. This is not our usual state during summer; winter is the usual time for being under the weather.

We decided to spend more time outside, but then it rained and rained and rained some more. We were stuck inside. After awhile we got the urge to try to make our house happy and do some cleaning. Armed with a sweeper, dust cloth and broom, we cleaned our house from top to bottom. She loved it but still seemed a bit down.

Then my Taller Half had a brilliant idea: He checked our furnace filters, and voila! They were filthy. Of course the filters required for our place are odd and can’t be found locally, so I immediately sat down at the computer and ordered new ones.

Such orders usually take a week to arrive, but to our utter amazement they were on our doorstep within two days. What a happy relief.

Within minutes a new filter was in place and everyone perked up. Needless to say, I am now stockpiling those odd-sized filters so replacements are at our fingertips when needed.

Though the new filters arrived in two days, our house managed, in those two days, to become dust-laden and needed our cleaning attention again. Out came the sweeper and dust cloth, and we attacked the two days of grime with gusto. Our house was thrilled and immediately forgave us our lack of forward planning in the filter department.

A happy house is a lovely place in which to live, and we are making lists of anything she might need in the future. We now have a rather large stockpile of filters and plan never to run out of such necessary things again. We were lucky this time, but next time could be worse, like not having emergency plans for a failure of our electricity. Guess we had better start saving for a generator.

Have I ever mentioned houses are demanding creatures and are very expensive to own?

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