In this house, things could be here today, gone forever

In this house, things could be here today, gone forever

It is very odd that our small house has so many hiding places. It amazes us that something we use fairly often can just disappear. Here today, gone tomorrow.

For instance we have a small hand vacuum, or we had one. It was such a handy, little thing for picking up the odd spill. Our dust mop depended upon it to slurp up the dust she accumulated. Now that handy, little vacuum has disappeared. It is probably sitting somewhere in plain sight but invisible to our human eyes.

On the other hand and equally amazing is how some things suddenly appear out of no where. My Taller Half was happily playing in his study when he caught sight of a bag propped in a corner. Inside that bag were various tools he had spent hours hunting for to no avail. Not long after that, a box appeared filled with various parts to an appliance long since replaced. Is our house trying to drive us crazy, or are we just oblivious to the things sitting around in plain sight?

It’s not like our place is very big. In fact we are constantly complaining there is not enough room for all the things we have accumulated over the years. Despite our best efforts and frequent searches, any number of those things we want and need are no where to be found.

So what is with the sudden appearance of parts and tools long lost? Is our house getting her jollies by hiding things until they are no longer needed and then confounding us with their discovery? Surely not.

However, it is a known fact houses do get bored and look for ways to amuse themselves, often at the expense of their occupants. One house we have met will periodically activate her smoke alarm to keep her occupants on their toes. There is no fire, no smoke, just a bored dwelling. Replacing the smoke alarm didn’t curtail its use when that house wanted some excitement.

So back to our search for our missing hand vacuum. It has no legs, so it has to be in here somewhere. We will just have to hunt for it until our abode decides to allow it to appear. Hope it’s soon. Our dust mop is a mess and in dire need of that vac’s attention.

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