It's official — winter has arrived

It's official — winter has arrived

Up until the last week or so, winter seemed reluctant to fully arrive. We had some cold and a bit of snow but nothing like what we expected. Mother Nature seemed to be in a mellow mood. Well, her mood is changing, and it’s gotten colder and more snow is falling on us. Our house is rather disappointed. She was enjoying the mild weather, so were our dogs. They wanted to spend more time outside taking care of business than they usually do this time of year.

It was so lovely to step outside and enjoy the sun shining. Glad we enjoyed it while we could because the clouds have moved in. Our house does not handle winter well. She much prefers having her gardens blooming and her roof uncapped by snow. Well, her gardens are bare, and her roof is sporting her winter snow cap. Sometimes, if you look closely, you may actually see her shiver.

The colder air does give our furnace a workout. But despite his best efforts, this place is seldom warm enough for me. Taller Half never complains of the house temperature; he’s perfectly happy with 69 or 70 F. The larger dog agrees with him. However, little dog is happiest when she is curled up next to me under a warm throw.

What our house needs is a fireplace. That would offer me and little dog a place to sit beside and enjoy the bit of extra heat. Unfortunately, our house didn’t come equipped with that longed-for domestic device. And there is not a place for one to be installed. Guess we must make do with the throw.

Even though a fireplace can be blamed for quite a bit of heat loss in modern homes, we miss having one. Do you suppose our ancestral memories are so implanted in our DNA that we connect being cozy and warm with fireplaces?

My Taller Half has promised both me and our dogs our next place will be blessed with a fireplace — a gas-powered one that won’t require chopping wood or cleaning out ashes. That’s a truly modern rendition of the fireplace — Taller Half adamantly approves.

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