Mother Nature is prone to tantrums

Mother Nature is prone to tantrums

Our wonderful company has headed for home, despite the threat of Dorian, leaving us to worry and then worry some more.

Hurricanes are vicious creatures that think nothing of demolishing helpless houses and throwing innocent trees about. People have little to no defense against these fearsome, windy beasts, and for humans the best defense is to run away as fast as possible.

Our company, our eldest child, is headed toward the storm, not away from it, and so we worry. She lives on the coast of South Carolina, and though her house has survived any number of beastly storms, it is still subject to damage.

The new hurricane roof is a big plus, but there are tall trees within falling distance and a nearby creek that is rather prone to flooding.

Our Ohio house has no concept of hurricanes, though she has been through a few hurricane remnants. They were scary, but no roofs blew off, no trees took flight and the flooding, at least at our place, wasn’t a problem.

Mother Nature is prone to tantrums on occasion but thankfully not often. Our house is more inclined to fear our winter time nemesis, the blizzards. Being covered in cold snow and ice is not fun for any house.

Just the thought of winter is making our house shiver, and it’s not even chilly yet. But winter will come, and we have gardens that need our attention.

Our children thrilled our abode with gifts of numerous plants for her gardens. Those gifts need planting, and that is real work. So far my Taller Half has avoided any and all yard work. But I plan to introduce him to the shovel this afternoon.

If you should hear moans and groans, pay no attention. It’s just my Taller Half experiencing the joys of gardening.

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