Nobody was ready for the cold weather

Nobody was ready for the cold weather

Icy cold weather has descended upon us earlier than usual.

Freezing winds and snow usually make their entrance in mid- to late-December, then hang around through January, February and March. So to be this cold in November, before Thanksgiving, isn’t what we were expecting.

Our poor house was not prepared for that wintry blast either and was shivering on her foundation.

Fortunately our noble furnace came to the rescue, providing us with much needed warmth. Unfortunately our noble furnace is not a cheap appliance, and all that heating is costing us dearly.

And despite his best efforts, noble furnace fails to keep the floors of our poor house warm enough. Rugs provide some protection from cold floors, but if you should step by chance on an uncovered bit of floor, your toes will curl up and send shivers running up your leg.

In years past a relative had heating units put in a few of her floors. That was a brilliant idea; we, her pets and her house loved it. Then again that was not a budget-wise idea, but it was worth every penny. She wept when she moved and left those warm floors behind.

Our only option for now is more floor coverings. We have brought out all of our old rugs and covered every piece of uncarpeted wood floor we can manage. Warm throws are draped on the furniture, and we have invested in heavy wool slippers for us and sweaters for our dogs.

It helps. On these cold, prewinter nights, we can all cuddle up together and be warm, not as warm as we were in September, but warm enough not to shiver.

Winter will be his icy self and do his very best to make us all miserable, both houses and occupants.

But we shall fight back with rugs, throws, warm slippers and sweaters for pets. We shall survive.

And, while doing so, we will count the days until the arrival of spring.

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