It would be lovely to see March bounce out like a lamb

It would be lovely to see March bounce out like a lamb

We are counting on the old saying, “When March comes in like a lion, it goes out as a lamb.”

Right now the lion is roaring as snow flies from the heavens upon my lawn beneath. And that poor lawn has had enough snow, ice and freezing rain. It wants sunshine and warmth and perhaps a gentle breeze or two.

It is in dire need of fertilizer, raking and a few grass seeds in its bare spots. Please sweet spring, chase cold winter away.

This has been a long, harsh winter, and lawns, houses and people are worn out. Please Mother Nature, we need a break of more than just a day or two.

It would be lovely to see March bounce out like a lamb, leaving behind blue skies and warm temperatures. I think we are due some of that.

Even our dogs are worn out from the cold and snow. They loved to run outside and gambol in the snow. Now they go outside, do their business, and run back inside and lie down next to a heat vent. I know just how they feel.

Of course we will all be complaining when the temperatures soar and we break out in a sweat just walking to our cars. But that is the nature of our humanness. We seem to be prone to complaining if we feel the slightest bit inconvenience about anything.

Our houses are no different. They shiver when it’s cold and moan when it’s too hot. Thank the smart people who invented central heating and air-conditioning. That way our houses can be comfortable year round — on the inside. Poor things must depend on Mother Nature on their outside.

Lucky are the houses that are built under big, gracious trees. During the winter months, those lovely trees protect those houses from cold winds, and in the summer they provide cooling shade from the hot sun. But not all houses are so blessed.

Our house is one of the less fortunate. This spring I have promised to plant several trees and some bushes. Of course it will take more than a few years for those plantings to reach a protective height. But I will have shown our place that we love her. And that should keep her happy — we hope.

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