Putting the freezer in cold storage

Putting the freezer in cold storage

Most modern houses are fitted with refrigerators, and many of them have separate freezers and even an additional refrigerator. We have one fridge and did have a small freezer until it got fired. It wasn’t ever full enough to justify the added expense. Getting rid of that little freezer was a big mistake. Now the freezer at the top of our fridge is too full for safety. Opening that freezer door can be a safety issue.

My Taller Half opened that door a few days ago and was pummeled with a frozen turkey and some vegetables. The turkey landed on his foot and produced a pained yell. The veggies just added to the mess on the floor. Our house was amused and totally unsympathetic. She was fond of her little freezer and resented its departure.

We now are presented with a conundrum: live with a dangerous and overfilled fridge freezer, get a bigger fridge, or replace that fired freezer. Taller Half has immediately voted for a replacement freezer, though where it will live is the question. The former space allocated for a freezer has now been replaced with shelves that hold a multitude of small appliances.

We know from past experience that putting a freezer in a garage with no air-conditioning is an expensive mistake. So what to do?

Perhaps a new refrigerator with a much bigger freezer compartment? The problem is that the size refrigerator-freezer we want will be an extremely tight fit in the space available. To add the needed space requires the removal of a very necessary cabinet. The answer is, of course, to get a smaller fridge. What to do?

Our daughter has come up with a workable solution. Replace our little fridge with a slightly bigger model and then stop buying so much frozen stuff. Brilliant.

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