Spring storms aren't for the dogs

Spring storms aren't for the dogs

Some creatures weather the storms of spring with little response. Not our dogs. A roll of thunder sends both of them running to find a hiding place. Our bigger dog prefers my closet, which is full of clothes and stuff — lots of stuff — and that overstuffed space dulls the sound of thunder. The little dog begins to pant and nervously paws her bed all about the house.

I am no great fan of storms either, but unlike my grandmother and our dogs, I don’t wait out a storm in a closet or by pawing pillows. All her life, as far as I know, my grandmother was so terrified of storms she always outfitted her closet with a small chair, earplugs and an eye mask. When a storm popped up, Grandmother would disappear until the storm passed over.

Think my grandmother left a bit of her storm fear DNA in several of her grandchildren. My siblings and I would huddle under the covers together when storms hit at night. We stayed away from dark closets because all kids know monsters lived there. One year during a particularly bad storm, the door to the attic, which was in our brother’s room, burst open. He ran out of his room screaming bloody murder the attic monster was coming for us kids. All of us ran straight for our parents' bed, piled in and pulled the covers over us, which sent our parents into gales with laughter.

We all know the arrival of warmer weather brings with it storms. Still, if you ask me, spring storms, though very scary, are preferred to snow blizzards, except, of course, by dogs.

At the moment there are faint rumbles of thunder in the distance. Those dogs have excellent hearing, and the big dog is now in my closet, and the little dog has found a pillow to paw.

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