The blessing of a warm November

The blessing of a warm November

Mother Nature has been such a kind lady for the past few days. She has given us sunny skies, warmer temperatures and pleasant breezes with just a touch of nip in them.

Of course, this lovely weather won’t last, but it is such a gift while it does. We even had to cut the lawn this week. It’s November and the grass is still growing! I know global warming is not a good thing, but for this area of the country, it is a blessing.

Our house is absolutely basking in the lovely weather. All houses love temperate weather and enjoy being comfortable. Not too hot and not too cold, just right! However, much cooler weather is due in a few days and our houses won’t like it. You will know just how unhappy your house is by the volume of its creaks and groans. Houses aren’t able to endure discomfort quietly.

Anticipating the cold and snow to come, some neighbors endowed their house with a brand-new roof. Needless to say, their place is thrilled and all the neighboring houses are jealous, even if their roofs are in good shape. Houses are not thinking structures, they are reactive.

A family member plans on gifting their house with an electric fireplace this winter. The house doesn’t know it yet but she will be ecstatic when the gift arrives. Houses love the cozy feel a fireplace brings including the added warmth.

No doubt all the neighboring houses will see the new fireplace delivered and be jealous, even if they already have a fireplace. That’s just the way our houses react to others’ good fortune. In case you haven’t figured it out, our abodes are narcissists.

Even if they are fond of their occupants, houses will always love themselves first.

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