The dogs find these noisy sky technics terrifying

The dogs find these noisy sky technics terrifying

I will admit I am no great fan of thunder and lightening. With the horrible storms reported all over the country this year, I am sure few, if any of us, enjoy these storms. I can, however, absolutely guarantee our dogs find these noisy sky technics terrifying.

They hear the thunder before we do and immediately begin to tremble and seek a place to hide. Under chairs and beds are their first choices, but should we head for our bedroom, they usually beat us there. One dog puts his head under the bed with his nether regions exposed; the other pup jumps onto the bed and seeks safety under the covers.

With all the trembling and whimpering going on, we are forced to return to the living room to wait out Mother Nature’s tantrum. Even if those tantrums flare up in the middle of the night, we must get up and console our terrified dogs.

Usually my Taller Half takes on the job of consolation with our terrified pups because I have been known to sleep through the noisiest of Mother Nature’s fits.

We know other dog parents have this same problem, and we’d love to know how they are able to deal with these sleep-destroying storms in the night. Surely there must be some sort of calming trick that puts our pets at ease during these nighttime storms.

We did try a calming medication a few years ago. That worked great until there was a huge blast of thunder that actually shook our house. The dogs reacted as expected: with trembling and loud moans of terror.

Our house seems frightened during these noisy interludes too. Her lights will flicker, and we think she actually trembles. There is no house medication to calm her down, and all we can do is wait out Mother Nature’s fury. We pull all the shades and draw all the curtains, but those lightening flashes still light up our rooms.

My grandmother used to go into her closet, where she kept a chair, ear plugs and an eye mask to wait out the storm with her much calmer cat on her lap. Perhaps that is the answer: a large, dark closet. Just where do we look for ear plugs for dogs?

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