The elegant homes of Charleston

The elegant homes of Charleston

While on a visit to Charleston, South Carolina, we drove through numerous neighborhoods looking at the lovely old houses, some of which have been occupying their spaces for over 300 years.

They were old places to be sure, but positively elegant. Most of those places have survived floods, hurricanes and the dreaded termites. Dining on houses is what those little bugs do, and their voracious appetites are never fully satisfied. While eating one house, they send out scouts to hunt for their next victim. They are ravenous, little monsters.

Most of those elegant, old homes are as gracious as they are beautiful. Some even welcome visitors. Charleston also has her share of proud and very haughty old residences. They are undeniably beautiful and are fully aware of their charms. They prefer to be looked at in admiration and awe, preferably from a distance.

We were invited to a party held at one of the more welcoming lovely ladies, and it was great fun. The interior was as expected: very well kept and very beautiful. This particular house was one with a plethora of Southern charm, and she made everyone feel welcome. We enjoyed every minute within her gracious walls and will always remember the welcome that house extended to her visitors.

We must not forget to mention the glorious gardens surrounding each old house. Those gardens are amazingly filled with blooming plants and the wonderful, fully blooming crepe myrtle trees.

Charleston is a grand city to visit, crammed full of lovely houses and tons of history. New houses are being built every day, and some are just beautiful.

But try as they might, they just can’t compete with those gorgeous old ladies lining the Battery.

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