The pipes knock, the dogs bark and we jump

The pipes knock, the dogs bark and we jump

Our poor place is shivering in the cold, and that makes her pipes knock. That will drive a sane person totally crackers. Our dogs stay agitated, thinking there is someone knocking at our door. The pipes knock, the dogs bark and we jump. No peace in this place.

Surely this weather won’t last much longer, though friends assure us it most certainly can and probably will. Don’t know how our poor furnace does it, but he does keep us from freezing, even if we aren’t really warm.

Extra socks and several layers of clothing are required to keep us minimally comfortable. We do miss our fireplace.

We had to make a necessary grocery store run the other day, and as we approached our car, we found it covered in snow and ice. It took almost 30 minutes to get it de-snowed and de-iced enough to drive. Then it took another 15 minutes to warm the inside of the poor thing.

The really surprising thing was there was ice on the inside of the windshield. Our vehicle is desperately in need of a garage. Unfortunately our new place lacks such a haven. So this winter has no promise of motoring comfort for car or owner.

We will survive this winter, despite the intense cold. So will our house and our car. Our dogs, on the other hand, are seriously considering a move to warmer climes, at least for the winter.

Can’t really blame them. Who can relish going out into the freezing cold, snow and ice to take care of business? We have provided a “potty path” outside, but it is not heated. Imagine having to do that yourself four or five times a day.

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