This house suffering from ‘crammed closet’ disease

This house suffering from ‘crammed closet’ disease

Do you know of anyone with too much closet space? Neither do I.

We once had a house with two walk-in closets in the master bedroom, plus very large closets in the other bedrooms. Despite never having had that much closet space in our entire lives, we managed to fill up all those closets within a week of moving into that house. Where had all that “stuff” been?

Having so much closet space went immediately to my Taller Half’s head. He began to run amok. Soon he began infringing on my storage space, sneaking in a shirt or two at the very back of my hanging area. Before I realized what was happening, Taller Half had some sweaters piled up on my side of the shelves. That was against the Rules of Cohabitation, and we needed to talk.

His defense was he had many more sweaters than I had because he took much better care of his clothing than I did. Ha!

Actually the truth was my Taller Half was a much better shopper than I was. He took his time and examined every inch of a new clothing purchase. He actually has some sweaters older than our marriage. On the other hand, I would rush into a store, find whatever it was I needed and then if it was on sale, it got bought.

Our current house is suffering right now from crammed closet disease. She would like to see us consolidate our “stuff” and give her closets a bit of breathing room. Doubt if that is going to happen anytime soon, or later for that matter. Those closets must adapt.

Our house is not happy about this situation and has let us know in no uncertain terms. The light in one closet blew out and was quickly followed by the lights in the other closets. The final straw was when I turned on my bedside reading light last night and it blew. Coincidence? Nope, just hurt house feelings. Sometimes houses just have to tough it out, and no house wants to do that.

Our house may be suffering some stuffed closet discomfort now, but come spring things will get better. The heavier winter clothing will then be replaced by the much lighter summer apparel, and our closets will again have plenty of breathing room.

Of course there is always the possibility my Taller Half will stumble upon an irresistible sale and bring home a pile of new “stuff.”

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