Too much home time

Too much home time

For the first time in many years, we had a white Christmas. It was lovely — very cold but beautiful.

Now we and our house are hoping for a mild, short winter and an early, warm spring. Mother Nature just might have pity on all of us because it’s not been a good year; in fact, it’s been a pretty terrible year.

The virus that has ravaged our population has taken a mighty toll on our abodes. To avoid contamination, we occupants have been home-bound and very restricted in our activities. Though they may be fond of their occupants, many houses are ready for some private time. Most occupants are in dire need of some social time away from home. Too much togetherness is as tough on people as it is on their abodes.

Getting away from it all is difficult when we are urged to “stay home.” Our current weather does not encourage outdoor activities. If fact, the snow was deep enough to make it difficult to open our storm door. My Taller Half got it open to the great relief of our canine family members. Unfortunately, there are no indoor potties for dogs as there are for cats. Our dogs were thrilled to romp in the snow for about five minutes. They then took care of business and made a beeline for the door. They actually had snowballs stuck in their fur — nothing like cold, wet fur to make a creature cranky.

Let’s all plead with Mother Nature to grant us a not too cold and rather dry winter. We might promise to keep our grass and plants well-watered, our birdhouses well-stocked, and our gardens well-weeded come summer to show our sincere appreciation of her benevolence. It certainly can’t hurt to try — get to pleading.

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