We are losing battles with dust

We are losing battles with dust

Our house informed us that our current over-worked filters were producing a great deal of dust on our Venetian blinds. On inspection I discovered our house was right. Those blinds were covered with at least a quarter-inch of dust.

Because I had no idea how to take down those blinds, move them outside and spray them clean with the hose, I had to figure out how to remove all that dust while the blinds were hanging in our windows. So off I went to the home store to find an expert on blind cleaning and to purchase the necessary equipment.

What was recommended was a smallish brush that was divided in segments that went between the dirty slats, removing all the dust and grime. There were only six slats on the little brush, and we have a number of blinds.

There seemed to be no other option for blind cleaning, so I bought two of the smallish brushes and headed home with a long day of blind cleaning on my mind.

Let me explain that when dust is removed from one place, it seeks another, and that is just what ours did. Our vigorous attack on our dusty blind problem led to dust-covered furniture, floors, lamps, dogs and us. It was a mess.

Fortunately we blind cleaners had no idea of the mess we were creating until the last blind slat was wiped clean and we could rest. Imagine our shock at seeing our dust-coated dogs, the dust-covered furniture and the gray dust that covered each of us. This situation called for that dog-hated household appliance, the dreaded vacuum cleaner.

When that appliance appeared, our dogs took off, trying their best to hide from that alien creature that wanted to eat them. In the process of all the running, another layer of dust was stirred up and managed to coat the pictures on the walls.

The existing mess was now a gigantic mess, and my Taller Half and I were coughing and sneezing. So we decided to do the proper thing: We grabbed our terrified dogs, abandoned our dust-filled house and checked in to a pet-friendly motel.

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