What other critters are lurking about?

What other critters are lurking about?

A couple of days ago, following a heavy, soaking rain the night before, our little dog found a creepy-crawly moving about in our grass. She, the dog, was fascinated by the creature and wanted to get closer.

The big dog, however, was having none of that. He kept his distance. My Taller Half was able to identify the critter as a crawdad. After a bit of research, we discovered there are 21 species of crawdads, plus two species of lobsters, inhabiting Ohio. Every one of those creatures live in or near water.

Our house and lawn are not in or close to bodies of water. However, when we have heavy rain, we do get very wet and will stay that way for a day or two.

What other critters are lurking about our house are as yet undiscovered. We just have no idea what attracted a crawdad to our place. By the way, we did catch it and moved it closer to the creek and out of harm's way. What creatures eat crawdads? And would they expect to find one in our lawn?

We do have a plethora of spiders living at the base of our house, and our abode is very fond of them. She gives them credit for keeping her interior bug-free. Those spiders are absolutely no threat to crawdads, but perhaps crawdads are a threat to the spiders. What do crawdads eat?

But back to the crawdad. Why was it wandering about on our lawn? Was it hungry, lost or just exploring? It would be ever so nice if an Ohio lobster would wander onto our lawn in search of whatever. I have no idea how large such a creature might be but am sure, if properly cooked, it would taste delicious.

Now when my Taller Half and the dogs go for a walk, they watch where they are going. If they find another crawdad, should we be worried or delighted? Is global warming/climate change coming to our area in the form of rivers or lakes? Should we put our house on stilts?

If, on the other hand, we can expect more shellfish, particularly lobsters, to be wandering through our lawn, it is an exciting thought. Though my cooking skills lack finesse, I am sure I can fix an eatable meal of shellfish without too much trouble.

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