There’s hope for my fridge yet

There’s hope for my fridge yet

I try to learn new things all the time. One thing I learned recently was you should never write about an interesting library book and then try to renew it.

I thought I would get in an additional couple weeks and renew the book before my column hit print. Duh!

The column went online two days before I tried to renew. The “Fridge Love” book by Kristen Hong now had holds.

No problem, I still had a few days before it was due, and in looking over the book, there was so much information and recipes I would use all the time, so I bought my own copy.

That is the beauty of getting cookbooks at the library: If you find one that is really useful, you can get your own copy, and the others that don’t mesh with your style of cooking, you can return.

So, anyway, after reading the “Fridge Love” book, I was on a mission to overhaul my refrigerator with beautiful, clear glass jars of fresh, ready-to-eat food. I even found some extra clear glass dishes with lids that had been lingering in the back of a cupboard for years. They were still in their original packaging. I washed them up.

One recipe in the “Fridge Love” book called for making fresh fruit cups with four different kinds of fruit. Taking into account there are only two of us in this household and we may never eat that much fruit before it went bad, I decided to make mine out of just two kinds of fruit. I selected pineapple and strawberries.

I cleaned the fruit, cut it into bite-sized pieces and attractively arranged the pieces in two layers in my newfound bowls. I also used some removable labels to note on the lids the date the cups were made and the number of days they would be fresh — five to seven days — only because I didn’t want to have to keep looking that information up in the book.

I even tried a recipe for overnight oatmeal, something I would have never tried before because I used to think who wants to eat cold oatmeal. But it is delicious.

You could probably heat it up in the morning, but we had a busy week, so I just pulled it right out of the fridge and started eating — fast, convenient and still healthy.

I’m definitely making that a couple of times a week from now on. And it’s a good way to use up that industrial-size 10-pound box of oatmeal I inadvertently purchased at the big box warehouse store last month.

So far “Fridge Love” has been life changing. We are eating more fresh food, and the other night I grabbed a handful of cherry tomatoes to snack on instead of potato chips just because the tomatoes were right there in a bowl — outside the fridge, of course — and more convenient than even opening the chip bag and pouring them into a bowl.

I still want to try making up the ready-to-eat salads in jars and some smaller veggie jars. I’m going to need another trip to the grocery store first though. It’s amazing that the easier you make it to eat healthy, the more you do actually eat healthy.

Wish I would have taken a photo because even one small corner of my fridge looked like a section right out of the photos in the “Fridge Love” book for a few days.

I’ve been eyeballing clear glass containers whenever I’ve been out shopping, even though I said I would try to reuse some of the glass food containers I have around here. I’m trying to figure out what I can remove from my fridge and get the jar. That all-natural mayo has been around well past the best by date. And how long has that jar of salsa been open?

Yes, I want to throw things out just so I can reuse the jar. No, I don’t have a problem.

Pretty soon though my fridge is going to look just like the one in the book. I’m definitely going to take a photo then.

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