Doing everything in our power to survive winter

Doing everything in our power to survive winter

One of Mother Nature’s best ideas is hibernation — that is how she recommends surviving her cold, dark season.

Many creatures find a safe shelter in which to curl up and spend the cold months safe and warm. Ancient humans did that, at least the smart ones. They survived the cold months by staying warm and safe in their shelters. Hibernating in a cave probably left a lot to be desired, but once houses came along, life in winter became much better.

As a rule, houses aren’t super fond of winter. Neither are their occupants. Being cold isn’t a fun way to spend time as both houses and humans will attest to. Once a house is snuggled under a snow blanket and the furnace releases its warmth, both house and occupants can relax. That is what makes hibernation a happy state.

Unfortunately, humans can only enjoy that happy state on weekends and during snow days. Because houses must stay put, they can only survive if they are properly cared for with plenty of insulation in their walls and sturdy foundations. Sadly, not all houses are so blessed and suffer frozen pipes and drafty doors and windows.

With any luck, both we and our abodes will escape the worst thing possible during the coldest days of winter: the loss of power.

We all fear that event and appeal daily to Mother Nature to spare us that horror. We do what we can to prepare for the worst, especially those houses blessed with a fireplace. At least the occupants of those lucky places can pile up wood logs to feed their fireplaces.

Those of us unlucky enough to be without the addition of that old-fashioned heating method can only survive by huddling under every blanket we can find. Our poor houses. The only hope they have is for power to be quickly restored and/or Mother Nature sending help in the form of an early spring. Please, Mother Nature, have pity on our poor places.

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