During this time of trouble, here's what matters

During this time of trouble, here's what matters

“A simple life is a beautiful life.” — Anonymous.

Like many of you, I have been staying at home more. In fact I took time off of my job because my wife gets sick easily. I really didn’t want to risk giving anything to my lovely wife.

I do really want to get back to my job. I like my work and all the people I see. To be honest, I feel it is a crash course in human behavior. I love psychology and counseling because I know what it’s like to not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I want to help people to find God and meaning in their lives. Working with the public helps me to better understand people.

I took a course in Christian counseling in college and read a lot of self-help books, but nothing helps me more than seeing people’s behavior out in public.

We are making the most of my time off. We are talking more and are on the same page more often. It’s been wonderful. Now that we aren’t rushing around by going here and there, our life has become more simple. I for one am a man who loves simple.

I think we are in one big mad rush for nothing. We rush through our life just to impress people by how busy we are, but in the end we really have nothing to show for it sometimes. We can only work so much before our bodies give out. The harder we push, the more burnt out we get and the more time it takes to recover from sickness.

There was one point in my life where I didn’t do anything but work, and when I would get sick, I stayed sick for a while, all because I didn’t give my body the rest it needed.

With no restaurants, movie theater and no big events taking place, people are home more and spend more time as a family. Things, in my opinion, we should have been doing more often all along. Going out to eat and to the movies is of course not bad. But how much time do we spend together just talking or playing games?

I personally feel, with all the texting and other social medias, we are slowly losing the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation with one another. I even know a person who called someone just to tell them they were at lunch, and they can text now. Then she hung up and started to text the other person. I wish I was joking. Unfortunately I am not.

I hear people say they think people are getting back to the basics of life. I couldn’t agree with that assessment more. My only hope is things will stay that way.

I will be happy when things open up again, but I will take what I learned from this mess with me. Family is the one group of people we can rely on in this world. The aggravation they cause just adds to the charm. I would just encourage all of us, as this may be drawing to a close, to take a good look around to see what really matters most in our lives.

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