Dusting blinds is a true team effort

Dusting blinds is a true team effort

All of our windows sport venetian blinds. They help us control the amount of light entering our house, and they guard our privacy.

However, they are truly a pain to keep clean. Each slat is a dust catcher, and each blind has lots of slats. I try to rid them of dust at least once a year, but that is nowhere near enough. After being de-dusted and totally clean, those slats will be dust-covered in about three days.

I read last week that house dust is made up largely of human skin cells and hair, plus some animal dander. Rather off-putting, isn’t it? Turns out the dust floating around our houses originates with us. Our blinds are coated with skin cells and dander. On those blind slats the dust looks hairy, and it probably is. Yuck!

Knowing its origins, we are now determined to rid our poor house of our pollutants. It will begin with the purchase of a blind-dusting tool. It’s a dusting stick with four prongs. Those prongs fit between the slats and with a swipe remove the dust. Since each blind has at least 30 slats, this process will not be quick. And it will need to be done more than once a year. Wonder if my Taller Half would like to take on dusting duties? He would have no trouble reaching the top slats, and I will be happy to do the bottoms.

Our house is always surprising us with new chores. Who knew window blinds were dust collectors? Why a day or two ago I saw dust piled up on our ceiling fans. Our skin, hair and dander are everywhere!

Perhaps we should wear hazmat suits inside our houses. They might not be comfortable, but it would eliminate the dust problem. Wonder if such suits are made for dogs?

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