Floors going to get mopped, like it or not

Floors going to get mopped, like it or not

Our house has wonderful floors. They always look great and never show a bit of dirt. That does not mean they don’t get dirty; they just don’t show it. That is both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it.

My Taller Half spilled his coffee a few mornings ago. Wiping up that spill, he found more mess than he had bargained for. It wasn’t just coffee he wiped up but a fair amount of just plain dirt. The floor had looked clean and shiny, but it lied.

That, of course, raised our suspicions about what was really under our feet. The application of a mop confirmed what we feared: Our house had been hiding her dirty floors from us. We were appalled. How could such a proud place deliberately live with the knowledge that her floors were dirty?

We immediately got to work freeing our innocent-looking floors of their dirt and grime. That involved rolling up rugs and moving furniture. It was a two-day job that pretty much exhausted us. After all that work, our floors did not look one tiny bit better. They looked just like they did with dirt but were clean and shiny. How they managed that, we have no idea. Were they afraid of water? Were they fond of dirty? Did they see the dirt as protection from feet and paws?

Now that we know our floors’ propensity for gathering dust and dirt and hiding it from us, we keep a mop handy. Each week we run a mop over those sneaky floors, keeping them from accumulating their layer of dirt and grime. Our house is happy; we are happy. And if those sneaky floors aren’t happy, at least they are clean.

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