Our dandelions need no encouragement

Our dandelions need no encouragement

Our house is very fond of the plants that spend each winter with her. And the plants appreciate the protection our place gives them from the cold, ice and snow.

But warmer weather is approaching, and those plants are anxious to get outside. Our house is always reluctant to see her plants leave, but she knows they will want her walls around them when the temperatures drop.

Right now our poor place has an unexpected problem. The siding on her back side is warped. She is so embarrassed. We aren’t thrilled. Repair folks will be here soon, and you know they don’t work for free. Just hope it’s a simple fix for both our abode and our wallet. Houses are always thinking of ways to spend their occupants’ time and money. The vast majority of places prefer having decorative additions — things like porches, sunrooms, flooring, new carpet, window treatments, et cetera. Those things are a lot more fun to have done than siding repair.

Though her back side may be embarrassing, our house is so proud of her front lawn. Her grass is growing luxuriously thick and green, plants in her gardens are shooting up, and her trees are covered with lovely green leaves. Spring has fully arrived, except for a few frosty nights that don’t seem to have done any damage. There are now buds on the rose bush.

Our house has been very pleased with the huge amount of dandelion growth our yard has produced. We encourage those plants as food for bees and early arriving hummingbirds. Actually, dandelions need absolutely no encouragement — those plants can survive any kind of weather and still spread like wildfire. Fortunately for them, their bright-yellow flowers add a beguiling color to our lawns.

At least our surrounding lawn and gardens have kept our house happy enough not to dwell on her siding problem. We are just very hopeful her siding is all that ails her. She is a young place and normally very healthy, and we are extremely anxious to keep her that way.

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