Looking forward to sunny days

Looking forward to sunny days

Our house is thrilled to wake up to a bright, sunny day. Her windows are pouring in that bright light to the delight of our indoor plants.

It is winter and cold outside, but cloudless skies make it all bearable. Unfortunately, our country is going through a rough time at present. What with the COVID-19 virus, dangerous riots and job losses, our houses are getting very nervous. When occupants lose their jobs, houses often suffer from lack of upkeep or, even worse, the dreaded eviction. Except for fire, houses fear eviction of their occupants most of all.

Not all abodes love their occupant, though most do. However, all houses depend on their owners to take care of them. When occupants lose their income, their houses are bound to suffer. Suppose that worry causes a roof to leak, a foundation to crack or a furnace to fail. Our houses are so vulnerable to such ills, so the care and vigilance of their occupants is vital to their survival.

It is a time for everyone to support each other and be strong together. Things will get better, but it will likely take some time for a full recovery from all the problems we face. We must be strong, resilient and kind. Our abodes need some reassurance they will survive intact this rough time, and their occupants need the same thing.

We are asking all houses keep themselves together without leaks or cracks or failing furnaces. We also ask all occupants to treat their abodes gently and take the best care possible of their homes. After all these troubles are history, we can spend time repairing any damage that might result.

Houses, keep a tight grip on your roofs, and occupants, change your furnace filters often. We will get through this if we treat each other with kindness. Please, Mother Nature, keep our winter mild, our occupants warm and our houses safe. Thank you.

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