Melted snow can be quite revealing

Melted snow can be quite revealing

Our house is in shock. The weather warmed up, the rains came and the snow melted. With the snow covering gone, our yard was revealed as a most unpleasant dog latrine. Understand that our house loves our two dogs and cannot imagine her life without them. However, she was both shocked and embarrassed by what the melting snow exposed.

Dogs as a species come in a huge assortment of breeds, colors and sizes. Our dogs are smaller breeds. They are smart, affectionate and generally well-behaved. Admittedly, they are rather noisy, but they are just verbally expressive. Their barking can be annoying, but short of gagging them, we haven’t been able to quiet them down.

When the weather is cold and snowy, cleaning up our dogs’ business is difficult at best. When the snow begins to pile up, our yard becomes an unbroken expanse of smooth, clean beauty. There are occasional prints of passing rabbits, cats and once a dear, but there is nothing revealed to suggest underneath that clean white carpet of snow lies a yard covered in dog business.

It is amazing just how much business two small dogs can produce. We believed we were doing a good job of keeping our yard sanitized this winter, but piles of snow limited our work. For over a month, our yard cleaning was severely limited by piles of the white stuff. The dogs still made their business trips outside, but their donations quickly disappeared into the snow covering.

We had no idea just how effective that snow covering was, until the snow melted and our bare yard was exposed. It has taken an exhausting amount of time for us to un-embarrass our poor house. But our yard is clean, and our house is pleased. Oh my goodness, the dogs need to go out again.

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