The search for more storage continues

The search for more storage continues

Few houses can boast of too much storage. Ours certainly cannot.

Actually, it’s probably our fault. We just have way too much “stuff.” Over the years we have added a little bit here, a little bit there, until there is an over-abundance of bits. Sometimes it feels as if our place is bursting at the seams.

Our wedding gifts were generous, and we had plenty with which to begin our lives together. That worked just fine until our first baby arrived. That arrival required the addition of an amazing amount of “stuff.” Our first apartment couldn’t deal with that influx of equipment, so we somehow managed to buy our first house. It was a lovely little place, with the accent on “little.” It did its best, but with the arrival of our second baby, that little house was strained to its capacity and very quickly became too small for a family of four.

Our next house was a bit bigger, and we could fit our family in comfortably. That worked for several years, even when baby No. 3 arrived. But children grow quickly, and it wasn’t long before our lovely house was filled to the brim and in dire need of storage space. As usual, there just wasn’t enough space for all the paraphernalia required by a family of five. Somehow, we managed to survive with the very welcomed arrival of a storage shed. It was soon crammed to its roof with “stuff,” but our grateful abode had breathing room.

Though we still have all the things acquired over the years of raising a family, our family’s children have all grown up and moved out, leaving most of their “stuff” still crammed in our poor place. We generously tried to gift each child with some of the things they left behind, but they claim they just don’t have room for it. What to do? Perhaps we need to have a huge shed sale.

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