The wind blew but the house stood strong

The wind blew but the house stood strong

We woke up very early this morning to the screech of strong winds sweeping around our house. Our house stood up to that gusting wind and didn’t tremble even a little bit. She kept a tight grip on her roof and endured being pelted by leaves, twigs and an old plastic flower pot. Our house was very brave, very strong, and we are very proud of her.

Houses aren’t able to run and hide when storms and high winds approach. They must stand on their foundations and endure whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Most houses are built strong and tough enough to handle our regularly expected storms and wind. Hurricanes and tornadoes spew winds that only the lucky houses survive without any damage.

A daughter lives on the Southern Coast and has had to abandon her house a couple of times to escape a threatening hurricane. Though they were both lucky and escaped damage, her poor house was traumatized. For weeks after the storms had passed, even a breeze was enough to make her house tremble.

Taller Half and I made a vow many years ago to never live in an area that had “Evacuation Route” signs permanently posted. We have never had to abandon any of our houses due to dangerous storms and winds, but we have survived what we consider severe weather. Once a small tornado plowed through the woods across from one of our places and scared both us and our house silly. Neither of us suffered any physical damage from that storm, but both humans and houses got a bit shaky when even a small wind blew.

Our world is now facing global warming, which has resulted in bigger and scarier stormy weather. The warming of our planet has put Mother Nature in a foul mood, and a mad mother is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s find a way to reverse global warming, make Mother Nature happy and save our houses.

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