We've spent too much time at, with home

We've spent too much time at, with home

We love our house, faults and all, though she would never admit to any faults.

We have been quarantined together for nine weeks, and that is perhaps a week or two too long. Our house evidently feels the same way. She has been dusted, vacuumed and mopped more times in these last nine weeks than our entire life together. Plants have been moved outside, bushes trimmed, the lawn mowed and spices put into alphabetical order. Once we update the closets, this house will be in perfect order! Now what do we do?

Though our place is usually brimming with things she’d like done, lately she has been eerily quiet. All the activity has evidently worn her out.

We know how she feels. Peace and quiet are desperately needed by both domicile and occupants. It is most unusual we are not facing constant demands from our dwelling, but believe me we are grateful. We are happily anticipating going back out into our world, seeing friends and family, or total strangers for that matter.

Most humans really need to be around each other. Houses are pretty much limited to their neighborhoods. Houses can be and often are demanding, selfish, critical of others and rather self-centered, but they are truly happy with occupants who love and indulge them. This period of having to stay at home has been a revelation, to both parties. Houses need and often love their occupants, and we occupants both love and value our dwelling. We get along for the most part because we aren’t together all the time.

We have breaks from plumbing leaks and flickering lights during our days away from home. Our dwellings need breaks from us to dream up new demands to make. After a day at work or play, most of us can’t wait to go home. And after a day of peace and quiet, our houses are delighted to welcome us back.

Be aware a quiet dwelling is thinking up her next “must have” projects, and those are never cheap!

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