Creativity on display at Mini Dream Bedroom contest

Creativity on display at Mini Dream Bedroom contest

The creativity of the eighth-grade girls from Wise, Mt. Hope and Chestnut Ridge was on full display in the East Holmes Mini Dream Bedroom. Each year seems to bring new and innovative ways to create the bedrooms.


The creative minds of East Holmes Schools seventh- and eighth-grade girls were on display recently, in what has developed into a highly anticipated event over the years.

This year’s East Holmes Mini Dream Bedroom and Food Pyramid poster contests took place Thursday, Oct. 29 at Chestnut Ridge Elementary School, where it turned out to be the same exciting contest with some unique features added for safety purposes.

The eighth-grade girls put their creative minds to work to produce some realistic miniature bedroom suites and even got a hand from the eighth-grade boys. Each of the girls designed their own blueprints for their bedrooms and teamed up with one of the boys, who built their box and one piece of furniture to specs.

Jana Mast, Chestnut Ridge family and consumer science teacher who heads up the program, said COVID did not stand in the way of the girls coming up with some beautiful and unique miniature bedroom designs.

“We did have to change quite a bit because of COVID,” Mast said. “We couldn’t bring all to the three schools together like we usually do, and they came during their regular class periods. I ended up taking the Mt. Hope projects to their school to present the winners. In terms of the contest itself, it stayed the same as always, and the girls did a great job of including new trends and using their creativity to design some really nice bedrooms.”

Mast said one major trend was a move back to more neutral tones, and creative shelving with lighting and lots of plants also took on starring roles in the bedrooms. She noted overall bedroom design winner Cheryl Raber of Wise did some things that really stood out to the judges.

Raber’s room included a stone fireplace, and Raber created unique spaces within her bedroom including the fireplace, sleeping area, an armoire and a sitting area.

“She had a lot of different elements and executed it very well,” Mast said.

Mast said the girls are beginning to gain some better understanding as to how capable and detailed the boys can get with their woodworking skills.

“I think that has helped the girls take things to the next level because they see the boys are much more capable of cutting more than just a rectangle,” Mast said. “The boys are getting really detailed with what they are able to add to the bedrooms.”

Mast said with their new involvement with the program, the boys are now more interested to see which bedroom comes out on top because they now have a vested interest with their pieces and the boxes.

Mast also said bringing the boys into the mix creates an opportunity to build the teamwork concept, as well as grow communication skills. She said she also can see different personalities come through with each project.

Chestnut Ridge seventh-grader Grace Yoder won the food pyramid poster contest, using a garden theme to show the importance of a balanced diet.

“Grace’s poster really stood out because of her use of vibrant colors, and she used texture really well,” Mast said. “The judges felt that her poster really stood out.”

Judges for this year’s contest included Norma Schlabach, Christa Miller, Darlene Yoder and Tami Polen.

While Mast usually brings in a speaker to talk to the girls during the judging, that portion of the event was canceled this year because of COVID-19 restrictions. Rather than have all of the girls gather together, Mast brought in each school separately.

The number of students participating in the event totaled 67, and despite all of the restrictions, Mast said the girls still had a fun time making their dream bedrooms and posters.

“I think all the girls really look forward to this every year, and even though we had a lot of challenges this year, it turned out really nice,” Mast said.

Overall winners of the dream bedroom contest were Cheryl Raber, first place, Wise School; Emily Troyer, second place, Chestnut Ridge School; and Diane Shetler, third place, Chestnut Ridge School.

Individual school winners were as follows:

Mt. Hope: Lori Miller, first place; Hannah Kline, second place; Regina Miller, third place; and Rachel Yoder, fourth place.

Wise: Cheryl Raber, first place; Wilma Miller, second place; Judy Yoder, third place; and Alyana Miller, fourth place.

Chestnut Ridge: Emily Troyer, first place; Dinae Shetler, second place; Ada Barkman, third place; and Eva Yoder, fourth place.

Overall winners in the dream poster contest were Grace Yoder, first place, Chestnut Ridge; Joyce Coblentz, second place, Mt. Hope; and Ava Yoder, third place, Mt. Hope.

Individual school winners were as follows:

Mt. Hope: Joyce Coblentz, first place; Ava Yoder, second place; Geneva Troyer, third place; and Lana Miller, fourth place.

Wise: Leann Yoder, first place; Grace Miller, second place; Laura Kate Yoder, third place; and Lori Miller, fourth place.

Chestnut Ridge: Grace Yoder, first place; Grace Raber, second place; Calista Miller, third place; and Lucy Yoder, fourth place.

Gift certificates for winners were donated by Berlin Fabrics. Goodies for the event for all participants were donated by Keim Lumber. Bedrooms will be displayed at Keim Lumber Nov. 13-20 and Berlin Fabrics (posters and bedrooms) Nov. 20 to Dec. 4.

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