WCSCC teacher converts classroom into lab ‘studio’

WCSCC teacher converts classroom into lab ‘studio’

Dan Davis demonstrates an experiment while teaching remotely from the Wayne County Schools Career Center.


Wayne County Schools Career Center science teacher Dan Davis is one of many teachers instructing students remotely this school year due to COVID-19. While the situation has its challenges, Davis has made the most of the situation.

Davis’ classroom has been converted to a science lab “studio” with the addition of a high-definition webcam clamped on a stand that is wired to a laptop strategically placed beside it. Using a wireless mic and Bluetooth headphones helps students hear clearly and allows Davis to remain mobile as he demonstrates labs for the students that are logged on for the period.

Davis’ classes begin using LMS Schoology, and the lab is privately live-streamed via YouTube. Students take notes, ask questions and record their observations during the remote class.

“Feedback has been pretty positive,” Davis said. “Students like the quality of the stream through YouTube, and they can choose to talk to me directly through the LMS or ask questions in the live chat.”

The idea for the make-shift studio stemmed from a conversation with a member of the career center’s I.T. staff who had developed some ideas for teaching remotely. Davis took some of the equipment he was offered and mixed it with some of his own to create the set-up.

Technology has played a particularly vital role in education this year, requiring teachers, students and parents to familiarize themselves with a variety of software and programs very quickly.

“If you choose to use YouTube, know your settings,” Davis said. “If you stream publicly, anyone can watch and comment.”

The Wayne County Schools Career Center continues to hold career-tech classes in person on a rotating schedule while academics remain remote. This schedule was created working closely with school nurse Tracy Hackworth and the Wayne County Health Department to help lessen the spread of COVID-19 while still allowing for hands-on learning in the 27 trade programs offered.

For more information about the career-tech and academic options offered at the career center, visit its website at www.wcscc.org or its Virtual Open House site at www.wcsccopenhouse.com.

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